Horse Dreams – Cowgirl Yoga 2017

My horse dream: playing violin for Java, Cowgirl Yogatography 2016.

Way back when, I worked for a French cosmetics company. Part of my job was to translate French product ideas into concepts that would work in the U.S. As you might guess, this was not a literal translation (i.e., French to English), but a cultural one (French to American). A big theme at French HQ was “Le Rêve“. Le Rêve means the dream. They wanted to make products that would make women dream, products that would make you feel like an impeccably dressed Frenchwoman sitting in a Parisian café writing poetry. This frequently tested my patience. In true American style, I would try to bluntly explain that Le Rêve didn’t translate well into no-nonsense American. “But”, they would ask incredulously, “do American women not dream??”

Mais oui. Years later, I think I get it. But it’s been horses, not makeup, that have helped me understand Le Rêve. For me, perusing gorgeous horse photography elicits that dreamy feeling that French women get from looking at Vogue française. I have horse dreams, both waking and sleeping. Yes, horses can at times be more dirty than dreamy…but Le Rêve du cheval keeps me going. Keeps me inspired. Keeps me dreaming.

For many of us, horses were a childhood dream. At the moments when those dreams come true, when the horse-human connection comes electrifyingly alive – Freud might have a field day.

The creation of Cowgirl Yoga has been a dream come true, offering a way for myself and others to connect with these animals of our dreams. Yoga offers a path to live meaningfully – it only makes sense that combined with horses, the experience can transcend the ordinary. On Cowgirl Yoga, we explore how the connection between our time with the horses and our time on the mat deepens our relationship with the horse. On Cowgirl Yoga and Creativity, we spend more time on horseback to awaken the creative process that can enrich our daily lives. On Cowgirl Yogatography, we have the opportunity to learn to look at horses in detail and capture their essence through our own creative process, which often produces surprisingly stunning results.

Live the dream! Join us for Cowgirl Yoga in 2017. Check out our retreat schedule and reserve your space now, as prices will go up January 1. Hope to meet you in Montana (or Costa Rica) next year. Yeehaw and Namaste.