10 Costa Rica Questions

Ten simple and straightforward questions, to entice you to take one of the 4 spots left on our January 8-15, 2017 LUXE Cowgirl Yoga retreat with Equisol in Costa Rica. (Extra credit: does that make them trick questions?)
All photos are from this retreat!

Testomonial from Talia, 2016 Costa Rica Cowgirl Yogini: What a glorious treat. They’ve managed to strike the perfect balance between physical/spiritual stimulation and luxurious relaxation. I returned home with a renewed passion for my yoga practice, for horsemanship, and for travel in general. 

Do you want to try lotus pose on horseback?
I promise to show you how. Or, just enjoy the water with your horse. Seated yoga poses on horseback encouraged, but not required.


Did you know that Nicoya, Costa Rica is one of The Blue Zones?
And that’s where we’ll be. The Blue Zones takes a look at places around the globe where people live the longest, and where common elements of lifestyle, diet and outlook have led to an amazing quantity and quality of life. Partake in Costa Rica’s longevity secrets, such as eating a light dinner, maintaining social networks, and getting some sensible sun.


Is horseback riding on the beach on your bucket list?
If not, you really should consider adding it.


Do you want to start your day with meditation and yoga overlooking the Pacific Ocean, to a chorus of howler monkeys?
But first…Costa Rican coffee. Promise.


Would you like to explore the horse-human connection for a full week? 
I adore that we have time to go deeper on a longer retreat. See how yoga, clean eating and being in a Blue Zone enhances your relationship with horses. It will provide memories to last a lifetime…and maybe some OM-work that you actually want to do once you get back home.


Do you like horse hugs?
Enough said.


What about sunsets? massages at sunset??
And new friends who like yoga, horses, sunsets and massages as much as you do.


In addition to riding horses, doing yoga, and eating fabulous fresh food, would you like to learn to surf, or try zip lining?
On our free day without any scheduled activities, you can take a surf lesson, try stand up paddle boarding, take a zip line canopy tour or visit a monkey sanctuary. Or my personal favorite, just hang out at the beach.


Do you know what Pura Vida means?
Pura vida – what a perfect saying. It’s Spanish for ‘pure life’, but the meaning goes beyond that simplified translation. Urban Dictionary defines it as: The law of the land in Costa Rica. The expression is used in many forms, from a greeting, to a synonym for “excellent.” Ticos [Costa Ricans] follow this lifestyle and are some of the most wonderful people on earth. A synonym of “hakuna matata.” Life is wonderful; enjoy it. How can you argue with that? A great lesson for some of us more, uh, uptight American Cowgirl Yoginis.


Is this video of our January 2016 Cowgirl Yoga Costa Rica retreat where you want to be?
If this doesn’t convince you to join us, not sure what will. I’m so looking forward to kicking off 2017 in Costa Rica, and hope that you will join me for Cowgirl Yoga, Pura Vida style. Yeehaw & Namaste.