It’s been a high-energy week so far, in contrast to last week where I definitely felt myself dragging. I’ve pushed through some challenging cardio workouts, taught what I thought was a very challenging Tuesday morning yoga class (as in, I was in the mood to kick my students’ butts), and had an acupuncture session that has left me buzzing. It’s interesting to note energetic shifts like this. I’m loving it, but this kind of energy “high” can also leave me feeling a bit ungrounded. Time for a restorative yoga pose or two to settle things down.

Contributing to the buzz is the anticipation of a little getaway to Denver to see my sis-in-law and her hubby. I’m leaving tomorrow morning with Morgane for a girls’ weekend in the city. I find it hard to believe that I haven’t left the state of Montana in over a year. Truth be told, I am quite a homebody; give me my family, my yoga, my kitchen to cook in…I used to thrive on travel. But then again, when you live in a place where everyone wants to come to for vacation, your perspective is a bit different. I’m looking forward to seeing my sis-in-law’s swanky new place, checking out all her fave food and shopping spots, and am positively gleeful at the prospect of a yoga class in a different studio every day we are there. Have a lovely weekend.