Through a child’s eyes

Day 3 of our little getaway to Denver. It’s so refreshing to be someplace new and explore. Two things that are standing out for me right now are seeing everything through a child’s eyes, and the immense value of yoga. Like I needed to be sold on the latter, but after the special treat of being able to go to yoga class 3 days in a row I’m definitely feeling a renewal of spirit and am in love all over again. But back to the first thing: Morgane hasn’t been on a plane recently, so the short flight here was a riot, watching her amazement at something most adults dread. The wide-eyed wonder at it all made me stop and think about what it is like to see things through a child’s eyes, and not take anything for granted. A 3 year old experiences raw, pure emotion, all the time. Sometimes a challenge for the adults involved, but often times a reminder at how to live in the moment. I think I took this with me into my yoga classes here, because I’ve truly been able to connect to my practice and be present on the mat. I’m sure it helps that I’m in a new place without expectations or distractions, sharing practice with yogis I don’t know, allowing myself to be in vacation mode so I’m not cramming my yoga into the only time window I can find in between the rest of my life. It reminds me of why we do yoga in the first place, for that feeling of being able to unite body and mind, and loving how that feels. If you’re stuck in rut with your practice, and you’ve lost that loving feeling, shake it up a bit by trying out a new studio, a new style, and try to see things through a child’s eyes on the yoga mat – with amazement and wide-eyed wonder. Namaste.
Picture is of Morgane at the Denver Aquarium