Don’t Hyde

I’m sort of on a roll talking about yoga clothes, so after Monday’s Lulu diss, let’s move on to a more glowing review. In these tough times I am finding myself rooting for the underdogs vs. the giants (including myself and my business in the former). So when I find another like-minded soul who turned her passion into her work, I identify and start rooting. I love Anne-Kerr Kennedy’s description of how yoga “defined her experience” and led her to start her own yoga clothing company, Hyde; and how she says that “after yoga class I felt a sense of ‘all-rightness’, no matter what was going on in my outside life.” Yep, been there too. Here are some words of wisdom from Hyde:

how yoga defines experience:
live consciously
express gratitude
be kind
have patience
create balance
walk the world in Hyde 
Think that last line should say, “Don’t Hyde”, but perhaps I’m the only one that thinks this is cute. 

I recently got my first outfit from Hyde, and noticed right away the yummy, soft organic cotton that makes up 92% of it. Quite the departure from all that whatever-it-is holding everything in tight with most yoga clothes; it’s refreshing to go back to the basics with just cotton (provided I don’t wear it to the heavy sweat-sessions). I caught myself rubbing it the way Morgane my 3 year old sits and rubs her super soft pink blanket (or as she calls it, “pink blankaroona”, also sometimes known as her “boyfriend”). And the colors are delicious – I opted for the lovely petal in the skye tank and chocolate in the engineered seam pant (wow! those are even the same COLORS of Morgane’s blankaroona!) The other back-to-basics thing I love here is the lack of patterns on Hyde stuff. Yes, I know, we all adore those funky OM symbols, Indian-inspired artwork and such on yoga clothing – but the elegant simplicity of monochrome is appealing in another way. Call it meditative on the eyes. Anyhow, wanted to tell you about Hyde. And lastly, their spring book looks like it was shot in Montana. So you know that got my attention. Yeehaw & Namaste.