Life-changing & talking in your sleep

Guess what, Forbes Traveler recently featured Big Sky Yoga Retreats in their article “10 life-changing yoga vacations”. We already know how life-changing yoga can be – but a retreat can be life-changing times 10. Trust me, I’ve seen it in action. And as the retreat leader, orchestrating and participating in these experiences changes my life and relationships too. 

In other news, my daughter is talking in her sleep lately and it is one of those little things that is bringing me untold joy. Put less eloquently, it is cracking me up. (And if you are wondering, yes she is sleeping in our bed, and no we don’t really care right now, it is just too lovely to snuggle up with her.) She’ll start babbling indecipherable, yet clearly happy stuff, and sometimes will form very complex sentences on topics such as wii-fit (we don’t have one). Other times she’ll just laugh. Which sends me into fits of midnight giggling. 
I know these 2 things don’t really go together, but decided to share nonetheless.