Downward Facing Bison

Well. It’s been a wild and woolly few weeks. I left my dream horse at the altar – he had more jekyll and hyde issues than I could handle. When I thought I was bringing a horse home, I got a hamster instead (don’t even ask). 6 year old had an allergic reaction that resulted in her eyes being swollen shut for 2 days. She also finished 1st grade, where I wish she could stay forever. None of this majorly life-altering, I know, but all of it within one week had me feeling like this bison we saw in Yellowstone Park, in his somewhat defeated looking downward facing dog pose. Or perhaps more appropriately, it’s child’s pose…?

By the time the holiday weekend rolled around, I wasn’t all that surprised to learn that SW Montana was under ‘winter’ storm warning. Not just for a few hours, but for the entire three days. We had planned 2 days in Yellowstone, which got cut back to one given that many roads were closed in the park due to heavy snowfall. It’s hard to be dismayed though, by what I often refer to as Montana “weather drama”. How can you not be impressed by a major snowstorm the first official weekend of summer, when the rest of the country had a heat wave? Daring to be different, in a badass sort of way.

In the end, we had a quickie afternoon in Yellowstone, because we can. Because we are lucky enough to live here. We saw geysers and a grizzly. We soaked at Chico Hot Springs, and visited a brand new retreat venue that I can’t wait to share. And in the end, I relished the reminder of how fortunate I am to live here, along with all the other blessings in my life. Hamster notwithstanding.

More Yellowstone pix to come.