Yellowstone obsessed

All of us are drawn to this place, I think, by the same magnetic force that worked on the nineteenth-century settlers and explorers – the sheer wonder of the landscape of mountains, rivers, and skies, the sense that something primordial is still present and available to us. 

– George Black, Empire of Shadows – The Epic Story of Yellowstone
I’ve been slightly Yellowstone obsessed lately. We just got back, and I started planning the details of our next YNP adventure immediately (we’re going again in a few short weeks. As I mentioned previously – lucky us to have it in our backyard). 
Here are a few snaps from our YNP quickie: Artist Paint Pots, Gibbon Falls, Norris Geyser Basin, and a young grizzly near the North entrance. Don’t worry, this photo was taken from the car.