Friday Flowers

More summer eye candy: the wildflowers have exploded all over the trails in the last few weeks. Endless carpets of bright yellow, purples and pinks. I’ve taken it upon myself to learn their names, so that when a visiting Cowgirl Yogini asks oooo what’s that? I have something more intelligent to say than I dunno. I informed husband that the arrowleaf balsam root majority from 2 weeks ago has now given way to prairie roses. He was impressed with this update. But what I have on my wildflower wish list right now are these babies, solely on account of their lovely names: pipsissewa, nettleleaf horsemint, and white tufted evening primrose. Here’s the guide to those pictured: yellow – arrowleaf balsam root; purple – rock clematis, and pink – prairie rose. Happy flower Friday!