A few of my fave things for summer

I’ve got 3 items to share with you that are making me love summer, which has finally arrived here in Montana. Although I should probably watch it, saying that just might jinx things and it’ll snow tomorrow. Ha ha, you say, but it could happen, believe me.
Here are my suggestions for some simple summer splurges:
2007 Sterling Vineyards Organic Sauvignon Blanc. A crisp, refreshing white that is about $10. Tough to beat that. And, 91 points in the February 09 Wine Enthusiast, whatever that means. I confess to being marketing victim to the refreshing looking cute label with a ladybug on it. Lastly, I get it at our Cost Co. Can you believe that? The Bozeman Cost Co rocks.
Kiss My Face early to bed ylang ylang & jasmine calming bath and shower gel. My daughter Morgane soaks in the tub almost every night as part of her before-bed ritual, and I love getting her yummy aromatherapy bubble bath. Her skin is sensitive though, so I need to make sure it’s natural. This one smells divine, and a big 16 oz. bottle came in around $11 (that natural bath stuff can get pricey).
Havaianas Indian Elephant Flip Flop. OK, so I’m jumping on the Havaianas bandwagon, even though $36 for flip-flops seems ridiculous. But what’s life without a splurge now and then? I saw these and had to have ’em. The ad reads, Fashionable, stylish, cool, and despite the elephant, light. Groovy, and the elephant reminds me of Ganesh, who I have a thing for. Perhaps these flip-flops can help remove obstacles, you never know…

Got any good summer splurges to share? Do tell.