Get outside and get better

I’ve spent the last 2 days skiing at Big Sky, so time to double up on the resolutions again. Yesterday I had a ski date with myself – it was nice to have some time alone. I was surprised at how much my confidence appeared to have been shaken by husband’s accident; but it didn’t take too long to get my ski legs back. After 2 days in a row my quads are burning, in a good way…definitely time for après ski virasana yoga work.

#8 of 12 Days of New Year’s Resolutions: get outside. I’m always amazed by the effect spending time outdoors has on the psyche. It renews that fundamental connection to the planet that we often lose with our indoor lifestyles (anyone seen Avatar?). It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s not always easy to do, especially when baby, it’s cold outside. My overall level of calm has definitely shifted since I moved to Montana, and I attribute this to the time I spend outdoors all year, not just in warmer weather. In fact, I love being outdoors in the winter; it feels refreshing and clean. The last 2 days playing in the snow under the Big Sky have washed away some of my anxiety and given me a fresh perspective on facing my challenges. When I lived and worked in New York City, I remember taking that elevator down 30-something floors and walking around the block to clear my head in the middle of a crazy day at work. So having nothing between you and the sky above is possible anywhere. Go outside. Take a deep breath. It helps.

#9 of 12 Days of New Year’s Resolutions: hone your craft. Yesterday, I rode the chairlift with an older gentleman who had amazing energy; he was sweet, friendly, and a ski instructor – in his 70s, no less (I hope I am both skiing and teaching yoga in my 70s). Turns out he was from Michigan, where I grew up. Turns out he was a professional hockey player for the Detroit Red Wings in the 1950s, with hockey legend Gordie Howe; for you hockey fans, his name is Marty Pavelich. I kept thinking about him the rest of the day, and decided I’m going to sign up for some lessons with Marty. I’ve been wanting to take a few ski lessons to fine-tune my techniques, and with husband out for the season, this is a great time to do it. Sometimes we can get in a rut with our favorite activities, and there’s nothing like a lesson to bust out of it. Splurge on a private yoga session and you’ll be amazed at the pointers you can pick up, to improve your class time or home practice. Choose something you enjoy and take it up a notch with a little expert advice. Or start a new pursuit the right way.

I’d love to hear how you get your outdoor fix and how you hone your craft…