Voice & Volunteer

Day 10 of 12 Days of New Year’s Resolutions: Volunteer, and let your Voice be heard. Many of us feel that we already have more than enough demands on our time – we might like to volunteer, but just don’t have enough hours in the day. There are soooooooo many ways you can give back that don’t have to be time vampires. Do a little research and find a cause that is meaningful to you. Investigate at your workplace; many companies offer annual paid volunteer days. And don’t be afraid to offer your support to different things at different times; when I had a yoga studio in DC, I used to teach “chair yoga” to seniors every Wednesday morning. I miss that rewarding experience, but a lot in my life has shifted since then. Now, I’ve been able to incorporate a way for Big Sky Yoga Retreats to give back through our Cowgirls vs. Cancer program. This sort of thing just wasn’t possible during my start-up period, but I knew I would find something when the time was right.

Another way to support causes you believe in is to let your voice be heard. Moving to Montana ignited my love for horses and deepened my appreciation for nature and its preservation. Montana is part of the land that is home to many of America’s wild horses. The ROAM Act (Restoring Our American Mustangs) passed by the House protects these populations by preventing their slaughter and establishing more humane management methods. Now it needs to pass the Senate. I signed the care2 petitionsite on this issue; you can too, or research and explore ways to make your voice heard on things that you care deeply about. Cowgirl Yoginis and horse lovers: you can buy Lynne Pomeranz’ gorgeous book Among Wild Horses – A Portrait of the Pryor Mountain Mustangs; a portion of the profits will benefit the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Center. I’m planning to take Morgane there this year, and hoping we’ll get to see these amazing horses.

What are your 2010 plans to voice and volunteer?