I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude right now. Just returned home from our week-long retreat; this morning we discussed the perils of “re-entry” post-retreat, and how to transition back into regular life after meaningful time away…as the retreat leader, I go through the same process. And it isn’t always fun. You realize truths about your life that are potent, deeply moving, and often times disturbing on a certain level. This time though, I am overflowing with thankfulness. One of our retreaters kept mentioning the word “gratitude” all week, and it’s stuck with me. Things I am grateful for from this last week:

  • the healing power of laughter – we laughed so hard my cheeks constantly hurt
  • the power of nature to inspire and soothe
  • repeat visits from our moose family
  • Montana weather, giving us sunshine, dramatic transitions, and one of the season’s first snowfalls
  • fabulous fall scenery out of a photographer’s dream
  • being woken up by elk bugling and owls hooting
  • hikes on porcupine creek, beehive basin, daley creek, ousel falls and lava lake
  • Chuck, his breakfast recipes including the 24-hour caramelized french toast & “eggs McChuck”, the trail lunches he packed for us, and his farm animals
  • wine by the fire, especially from Namaste Vineyards (more to come on that)
  • Polo and his exquisite 5-course dinner menus
  • favorite actors
  • photo slide shows and poems
  • YOGA
THANK YOU to people, animals and natural phenomena for all coming together in an unforgettable way, to create an unforgettable week.