Hiking recovery – Feel the OO

My feet have been on my mind a lot lately, after all this hiking. I have a bit of an obsession with footwear, which is ironic since I spend a lot of time in bare feet on my yoga mat. Off the mat, I prefer cowgirl boots, anything with good arch support, and I must – I repeat, must – wear slippers around the house. As someone who appreciates fancy footwear, I also own a lot of flip flops for this purpose.

A few months ago, I tried a pair of OOFOS slip ons. I pretty much haven’t stopped wearing them since. With their cushioning and arch support, it feels like a foot massage every time I come home and take off my shoes. After hiking, the relief they have provided my feet has actually made me say “OO”…the OOFOS motto “Feel the OO” might seem a bit silly, but they aren’t kidding. I’m thinking about adding them to our Yoga & Hiking retreat goodie bags.

I like the focus on recovery in this OOFOS blog post, which is an important concept for anything you use your feet for. Substitute hikes for runs here, and this totally hits home for me right now.

I love my OOFOS so much that I even tried a yoga pose or two in them. Do your feet a favor and trade in your flip flops for a pair. Would love to hear what you think, and take a guess at what asana this is while you’re at it.