Horsey Holidays

This is one of those years when time has played tricks on me. 5 days til Christmas?! This is what happens when we go to Hawaii for a week’s vacation in the middle of the holiday season (more on that next). As soon as we got hOMe I hit the ground running. Amidst all the shopping, school events, and getting the tree up, I got to participate in what is turning into an annual event – Christmas caroling on horseback at the Bozeman Senior Center, with head Cowgirl Yoga wrangler Janice and former band director turned retreat massage therapist Vi. This year we dressed as Santa’s helpers, complete with “elf” socks for the horses. We even made the paper, check out the write up in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Happy horsey holidays from all of us at CY, both horse and human! Yeehaw & Namaste.