Getting a yoga glow with YogaGlo

Here we are again, in the throes of the holidays. My goal this time of year is simple – to find ways to enjoy the spirit of the season and not get swept away by [insert your most dreaded holiday stress source here]. I call it the holiday sampler – if I sample a little holiday something each day, it isn’t overwhelming. Like, don’t try to do all your shopping in one day, or eat all your Christmas cookies at once. I don’t need to tell you that this time of year can get busy, and it might be tough to fit in longer yoga classes or practices. Do a little holiday yoga sampling to help keep your practice going, so one of your New Year’s resolutions doesn’t have to be get back on the mat. Here are a few ideas to help with yoga sampling, from my Athleta Chi articles of Christmases past:

12 days of Yoga Gifts

Here in Montana, where yoga classes I can actually attend are few and far between, I’ve settled into a blissful routine with YogaGlo. As a former yoga studio owner, I feel a little blasphemous raving about these online classes, but I must. While there is always something to be said for the energy of a live class, teacher feedback and adjustments, etc., it sure is nice to get that class feeling whenever you want. Since you can choose from many teachers, many styles, and many class durations (even 5, 10, and 15 minute ones! how’s that for sampling?), it’s pretty tough to make excuses. And at $18/month (not to mention a 2 week free trial), the cost of a single yoga class in some places (including my former DC studio), what’s not to love? 
YogaGlo is my top gift suggestion for what to get the yogi on your holiday shopping list; you can sign them up here. Add a JADE yoga mat to the package to give an even better gift of yoga. I know there is a lot of fun yoga stuff out there to buy, but really, what it all boils down is a mat and getting on it…as the above quote from one of my fave YogaGlo teachers Stephanie Snyder illustrates. It rings truer than ever during the holidays. 
For a little holiday yoga spirit, get on your mat, and encourage someone else to do so too. Namaste.