Must do: Restful, Restorative Yoga

On the other side of Thanksgiving, I am still basking in the glow of gratitude and a restful, restorative day out of the kitchen. I love to cook, but damn, I needed a break, as did our dishwasher.

Over the years, a theme has woven its way into my yoga practice and teaching – how to find the rest between the work. We often have to remind ourselves that it isn’t necessary (or beneficial) to push all the time. It’s sort of ironic how we can forget the importance of balance while we are on our mats. For me, the best yoga practices have evolved into ones that yes, push me, but balance out the pushy poses with restful ones. These are often called counterposes, and you know what? They are must dos! So just like savasana, don’t skip them. Take awhile to soak up the floor laying on your belly after a deep locust pose. Stay a bit longer in down dog while practicing sun salutations. Transition from headstand with enough time in child’s pose after. And so on. This is the rest between the work.

I’ve also noticed that my body really digs alternating strong practices with less intense ones. I feel like it’s telling me, so nice of you to finally figure it out after all this time! So, back to the post-Thanksgiving, restful restorative theme – as we head full throttle into the holidays, I plan to honor my body’s need for balance with restorative yoga. My latest tutorial on the Athleta Chi will help you keep the “daze” out of your holidays. Namaste.