The Joy of Pumpkins

It’s full-blown October at our house: Morgane is hooked on watching the DVD I got her of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, we’ve got all kinds of pumpkins decorating the house, and today is so beautiful out that we headed to the pumpkin patch at a nearby farm for a hayride and other fun fall stuff. It was super busy – we actually had to wait in line for the hay ride, something I am no longer used to since Bozeman ain’t exactly the big city – and by the end of our visit I was sneezing like crazy from all the hay. Oh well, it was worth the joy of pumpkins that Morgane so clearly experienced. She is wearing this crazy, beautiful floral print dress from Hanna Andersson that I’ve decided is a visual representation of her exuberant personality. Had to share some pumpkin pix, now excuse me while I see if my neti pot will stop my sneezing.