Namaste Wine

Think yoga and wine don’t really go together? Think again. We keep proving that wrong on all our retreats…in a good way, of course. I myself subscribe to the health benefits of a glass of red wine in particular, not to mention the sheer pleasure of sipping and savoring. 

We had a repeat retreater here last week (her second round with Big Sky Yoga!) from Oregon. Oregon wine has been showing up frequently on the wine circuit, especially pinot noirs. Lori discovered a winery in the Willamette Valley called – you will love this – Namaste Vineyards. We HAD to have it on our retreat…so she arranged to have a case sent to the lodge for a special tasting event on our last evening. 
Namaste Vineyard’s slogan is, “the spirit of the wine honors the spirit of the vine”. The vintage names include Prosperity & Abundance for Pinots, a Tranquility Riesling, and a Serenity Chardonnay. 
Check it out at And like Lori, I hope that these lovely wines will make a repeat appearance at upcoming retreats. Cheers and Namaste.