Girlfriend Getaway Yoga & Birthday

I’m getting excited. Not only is it my birthday on Friday, but I get to go on a trip this weekend. I am teaching yoga at the Girlfriend Getaways event in Laughlin, Nevada. Despite being absolutely thrilled and flattered by this request to teach, I must admit that at first I was sort of hesitant as it fell on my birthday weekend. But now, aside from the obvious fact that I love teaching or practicing yoga anyplace, anytime, I’ve realized a few fun things about this upcoming trip (not to mention, I get to postpone my birthday with my family since I won’t be here, so will end up celebrating twice):

1. I will be getting on a plane by myself, sans 3 year old. Which means, I can take a stack of books/magazines and actually read them. I can close my eyes or stare out the window, for more than a few seconds. I can go to the bathroom by myself. 
2. I will have a hotel room to myself, and won’t be awakened at any point by a puppy or 3 year old. I can throw my clothes all over the floor and kick up into handstands everywhere. I can – gasp – turn on the tv and watch it! Oh my. 
3. I found out there is a spa in my hotel, where I just scheduled some bday pampering for myself. I pity the person who has to do my pedicure (it’s been a LONG time since my last).
4. the Girlfriend Getaways magazine gang are taking me out for a bday dinner just after I arrive on Friday. 
Now I don’t know about you, but all this adds up to a thrilling weekend in my book. Do you live near Las Vegas? This event is FREE and not only are there all kinds of cool things to do, you can also win some amazing prizes in the sweepstakes. So if you’re local would love to see you there. If not, definitely check out the GG magazine, it’s a lot of fun and inspires with ideas for spending time with friends and treating yourself. Which we all need to do, and not just on our birthdays. Right?