Politics & Prose

Back from my whirlwind weekend away, where I shared my bday with new friends, taught approximately 100 women yoga, watched same women learn pole dancing that evening and couldn’t help notice how much core strength it takes, sprinted at top speed to make my flight connections (had no idea I could run that fast), and – got to read the New York Times cover to cover 2 days in a row. I actually got to read a lot, and feel re-energized by catching up on world news, pop culture, everything. I adore the printed word and shamelessly brought a huge stack of it in my carry-on bag. So, I wanted to share two of my fave articles with you. 

The first one I must preface with a disclaimer. I recently put on my Facebook page, under “25 random things about me”, that I don’t talk religion or politics. Ever. Just my personal choice. But I can’t resist sharing this article from the February Vanity Fair, entitled Farewell to All That: An Oral History of the Bush White House. It had me both laughing and crying. Regardless of your position, it’s impossible to ignore the humanity behind the politics of the last 8 years. 
Moving from politics to a bit lighter subject, and one of my favorites, food. The article 50 Ways to Eat Green in the February Bon Appetit thrilled me, because it touched on so many of my own eating and eco concerns. This was already my fave foodie mag, but now I love it even more. Here’s my top 5 from the list (and yes, you’ll have to read the article to learn what they are): 
#9: my favorite thing to do besides yoga
#14: I find this extremely satisfying, for some reason
#28: on my immediate to-do list
#42: I got these for Christmas and love them
#45: lucky husband, I do this almost every day for him
Tell me what resonated with you, if you decide to read. Yoga up next.