LUXE Cowgirl Yoga 2012

About six weeks and counting til retreat season kicks off…and LUXE Cowgirl Yoga is one of the first trips. Pre-retreat time is filled with anticipation…of meeting all the new Cowgirl Yoginis and sharing this healthy, high-energy adventure together. And LUXE CY just got a big, fat LUXE shout out in the May/June issue of Stamford Magazine, in their article on the 10 top luxurious solo trips. It lists exotic locales Italy, Spain, South Africa, Indonesia…and MONTANA is the only US mention, as “perhaps the only place where yeehaw and namaste intersect”. Indeed.

If you’re in the NY area, go grab it, hot off the press. And then reserve your spot – for a little extra incentive, we’re offering 10% off our season “bookend” LUXE trips June 14-17 and September 27-30 – but ONLY TIL APRIL 30! which is next Monday. So giddy up and get on it, book online now. You know you want to. The original Cowgirl Yoga is here in Montana – accept no substitutes. Yeehaw & Namaste.