Dream Horse #2

This past weekend, I took a road trip to meet my Dream Horse. This was the culmination of over a year of searching for him. And let me tell you, it’s felt a lot like dating. Even though it’s been awhile for me on that front, I recognized the similarities: the screening (“what does he look like, how tall is he? is he well-mannered? are his teeth good? is he too young/too old for me?”), the matchmaking (head wrangler Janice calling to say, “I’ve found another potential match for you that we should go see…”), the butterflies in my stomach, the not being able to concentrate. I’ve been looking for Tennessee Walking Horse love, and after many lukewarm dates, I finally got hit with the equine equivalent of cupid’s arrow.

And no, I haven’t forgotten, I already have a Dream Horse, named Dude Boy. Unlike husbands, you can have more than one dream horse. How cool is that?

It happened in a roundabout sort of way, where my equine stars aligned and a series of events led me to a TWH (Tennessee Walking Horse) breeder here in Montana. I had to take a big gamble, and basically agree to buy the horse without meeting him first (would the dating equivalent be agreeing to marry someone before you’ve even met?). The recently aligned stars said yes, do it. But the butterflies in my tummy beat their wings faster.

Before we met, I was told that he’s gorgeous, but a bit overweight. I could work with that. But as we closed the miles between our first encounter, I wondered, how big are we talking…? I think I held my breath as they opened the door for him to get off the trailer. And then, my world stood still for a moment as he looked at me with one blue eye, one brown eye. My heart beat faster. Was it love?

I really think that as with people, you are attracted to certain horses and not to others. It’s an energy thing. This boy and I had sparks fly. Well, at least I did. But I plan to make him love me. More about Dream Horse #2 soon, as our relationship unfolds. Yeehaw & Namaste.