Yoga with Mom

It’s almost Mother’s Day! 6 year old and I prepared a little asana à deux to celebrate – check out my latest on the Athleta Chi  – Yoga with Mom – for some OM at home this weekend.

People always wonder how to extend the benefits of their own yoga practice to their family members; if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard, “but my husband would never do yoga!” I maintain that what you do on the mat has a positive effect on your family. So maybe your husband and your children don’t practice yoga, but they indirectly benefit from you being more balanced. Partner yoga is a unique way to entice your family onto the mat. It won’t be your 90-minute, sweat-drenched vinyasa practice — but it will forge new connections to people you love through yoga.

Yoga has been part of my daughter’s life since before she was born (I taught my last yoga class 3 days before her birthday!). She views it as normal, and part of daily life. She will watch me, imitate some of the poses, and as I like to think of it, soak up some of the good energy I’m giving off. When I’m really lucky, she’ll rub my third eye while I’m in savasana and softly chant, lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu — may all beings everywhere be happy and free. She also adores partner yoga and playing with me on the mat. I’ve focused this practice to cultivate physical connection — it’s like a series of different-shaped hugs. We’re sharing this practice in honor of Mother’s Day, so grab your mom, your son/daughter/niece/nephew, or really anyone you want to give some yoga love. 

And if it looks like we are having fun in the pictures – we are. Happy Mother’s Day from Montana! Namaste.