My fave yoga pose (for now)

It’s tough to answer the question, what is your favorite yoga pose? It’s impossible to narrow it down to one, plus it’s a moving target. What you love today may not serve you tomorrow. I find it kind of amusing that a basic paschimottanasana is my recent nemesis, given my low back sensitivity, but that tittibhasana now comes with ease. Huh.

If I had to really choose just one pose, it would probably be pigeon (which I’ve mused on before here). But a close second is a pose that isn’t quite so pretty or fancy – in fact, it may be the plain Jane of yoga poses, and a bit cheeky too: it’s often referred to as wind-relieving pose. But that is only one of its benefits (if you choose to look at it that way)…it’s just about the best darn low back release evah. I am always, always doing this pose, every day, multiple times a day. All you have to do is get down on the floor and hug your knees into your chest, and voil√° – knees-to-chest pose. Lovely. Sometimes I feel like I could stay here for hours.
There are many things you can do with apanasana: you can hug both knees in together, or one at a time; you can roll around and massage your low back, or rock forward and back to massage your spine; you can take a gentle supine twist to either side; you can transition into happy baby. Give it a try and soothe your spine and your mind. Namaste.