My London loves

Time for more Friday faves. This round: London. I’ve been here long enough now to know what I like. It’s been an incredible experience on many levels, and I’m looking forward to getting as much as I can out of my remaining time here.

Yoga, yoga and more yoga. Firstly, let me dispel a myth; just because I am a yoga teacher doesn’t mean I practice every day. Practice time is precious, and I’ve been very fortunate that during my stay in London, my morning commute is to yoga. It’s been a rare opportunity to have an extended period of time like this to dedicate to my personal practice. I am enjoying taking class 5 days a week at Jivamukti London, learning from many new teachers, and being part of this wonderful yoga community.
Eastern Eats. Back in Bozeman, we don’t have Indian or Middle Eastern restaurants. London is as good as the real deal in both, and I’ve been enjoying them so much that we haven’t even eaten at a pub yet. Moroccan, Persian, Lebanese, various regions of India; I’m going to miss these flavors so much that I will have to seriously amp up my cooking skills when I return to Montana. Good thing I’m signing up for cooking lessons on our April trip to Morocco.
Flowers. There’s a lot of grey weather here, but you’ll find flowers everywhere. Tube station and street flower vendors are bursting with color. It makes such a difference to have fresh flowers in the flat, and I’ve established a little ritual of changing them weekly.
The Tower of London. There are obviously many sights to see in London, but nothing beats the Tower. History, intrigue, drama, ravens, ancient secrets and ceremonies, Yeoman Warders, the Crown Jewels. We recently attended the Ceremony of the Keys, the traditional locking of the Tower that has taken place every night for the last 700 years. Now if that doesn’t make you feel like you’re witnessing history, not sure what will.
London public transport. Is it weird that I never tire of studying the Tube map? I’ve put in some time on the Paris Metro and the NYC subway, but the best people watching is hands down on the Tube. I also love the big red double decker buses; a good bus ride has an oddly meditative quality to it, especially since most people are very quiet on public transport. And the views from the top of the bus are spectacular.
Happy Friday from an American Cowgirl Yogini in London!