My Venice Valentine

Spent Valentine’s in Venice with my family. How’s that for romantic? Even with a 5 year old. You really just can’t go wrong with Venice (well, maybe in the middle of high summer tourist season: think hot and smelly). I’ve been to Venice multiple times, but this visit was extra special because it was with 5 year old. If adults find Venice enchanting, imagine what it’s like through the eyes of a 5 year old? She was wowed at every turn: streets of water, bridges, colorful masks, gelato. I felt like we were living the pages of Olivia goes to Venice, which has been a fave book of late for obvious reasons.

Husband and I both took cues from our daughter, in order to savor our little getaway. Italian internet isn’t all that, so husband had to let go of work stuff (which, I might add, was the idea anyhow). It’s impossible not to get lost in Venice, so I had to let go of knowing exactly where we were at all times and finding the most efficient route from A to B. We settled into a few days of wandering, eating, and enjoying.
We travel to be inspired, I think. But let’s face it, travel is rife with possibility for encountering pains in the ass. Traveling with a child can often fall into the latter category. This was not the case. My 5 year old reminded me how to be inspired. Grazie mille, la mia bella ragazza.