October Friday faves

I think I finally slowed down this week. I’ll admit, some of it was by necessity…I’ve been sick and lost my voice (still am croaking vs. talking)…which I decided must mean that it’s my turn to listen instead of talk for a bit. Although I’ve been irritated by the lack of my usual energy, I’ve noticed that I’m losing that jumpy feeling. I’m appreciating more time and space in my life right now, and savoring some blessings I might not have lingered on during my busy season. Here are a few of my fave October things:

  • My horse. yeah I know, you’ve heard it before, but the blanket of soothing energy he wraps me in never ceases to amaze me. When I touch him I feel anxiety leave my body. When I ride him I forget whatever I was obsessing about, at least for awhile. And I love that knowing look he gives me, like, what’s with you now? forget about it and just hang with me.
  • Lessons from little ones. It’s hard not to get excited about Halloween and pumpkins when there’s a 6 year old in the house. My daughter and I gleefully went over our plans for baking some October-inspired treats this weekend, and it would be hard not to catch her enthusiasm. I also had an unplanned riding lesson from a young girl who rode with me today…she seemed to sense that I needed some nurturing. Sometimes it’s really nice to not always have to be the grown-up.
  • The Power of Myth. Myths haunt this time of year…and this darn book has been haunting me for a long, long time. I keep starting it and stopping. I’ve committed to reading it through, so maybe I’ll have to hold myself to that by promising a book review here. So it requires a bit more concentration than a vampire read, but I’m up for it. And when something Joseph Campbell said clicks with you, it’s a beautiful, inspiring thing.
  • Viparita Karani. Thank God for legs-up-the-wall. It’s been my yoga prescription all week…I self-medicate, in a good way. This pose is perfect when you need your yoga moves to be on the slower side.
Happy Friday.