OM for the Holidays: How to Detox Now

One too many glasses of bubbly at a holiday fête? Family desserts weighing you down? Don’t wait until the New Year to detox. If you take small steps to balance overindulging now, it will be much easier to get back in the groove in January. Simple yoga poses can help facilitate your body’s natural detox process.

In between all the holiday food, festivities, and travel, it might be tough to find the time, place and headspace to do a longer yoga practice or get to a class. So it’s the most wonderful time of the year for one-pose wonders, which you can do pretty much anytime, anywhere, without equipment. Even if you’re squeezed into that small extra bedroom at Grandma’s, and she doesn’t happen to have a yoga mat on hand.

Pictured above is my fave holiday one-pose wonder, Apanasana (Knees to Chest) – also known as “wind-relieving pose”, so be careful where you decide to do this one! I do it every day; it not only massages the abdominal organs, but also is a low back release. It’s a great one to do before you get out of bed, and I do it whenever I can throughout the day (well, when I can lie on my back, that is).

Get the full scoop on how to detox now with more one-pose wonders you can do almost anytime and any place this season, my new article on the Athleta Chi. Happy Holidays & Namaste.