2 Kids in a Candy Store

For real. Well, 1 kid and 1 mom, but I felt like a kid. Today I took Morgane to the Chocolate Moose in downtown Boz, which is like an old-fashioned candy store and soda fountain. Usually, we are a no-candy family (I said no candy, not no dessert – our sweet of choice is dark chocolate), but we went in with a mission so as not to be overwhelmed; we were getting candy canes for our tree and holiday baking. But just looking at everything was a treat, it’s all so gorgeous – eye candy, the real deal. Morgane was beside herself with excitement, but happily it didn’t get out of hand and we made it out of there without losing sight of our goal. Too much.

Afterwards, we headed over to Elle’s Belles Bakery to order holiday cookies for an upcoming fête chez Vap, and while we were there savored gourmet paninis for lunch. I say, ’tis the season to feel like a kid in a candy store and enjoy the indulgence.