Cold weather cravings

It is too cold to do much but hibernate. It was -20 at my house this morning, and despite the sunshine out there making the snow sparkle, the high for today appears to be -7. I love Montana winters, but it’s so cold right now that it’s hard to breathe (note to any of you considering our yoga and ski retreats: honestly, it rarely gets this damn cold, and it’s typically before Christmas that it happens). I did some yoga chikitsa (Ashtanga Primary series, but I so love calling it yoga chikitsa, which means yoga therapy) to build internal heat this morning. Tonight we’ll decorate the tree and eat chili and peppermint brownies – I love the food cravings this kind of weather inspires. Here’s a yeehaw and a namaste in the snow, along with my Dude Boy (to the right of Tres), who has grown quite the winter shag; all taken at the Cowgirl Yoga ranch by Janice. Doesn’t his blaze look nice against the snow? Off to the kitchen to stay warm, cook the comfort food and sip hot tea. Happy 7th day of Christmas.