The Ultimate Pick-Me-Up

Yesterday I had a super crappy day. Nothing major, so I’m not entitled to much sympathy, but one of those days where “crappy” is the best word that fits. Here’s a snippet: picture me carrying a kicking-and-screaming 4-year old from the grocery store mid-shop, just after she bit me. She has chosen this time of year to be the naughtiest ever, and boldly told me the other day that she doesn’t care if Santa comes to our house or not. Huh.

Anyhow, I was puttering around last night trying to get organized, and I found something tucked away in an envelope that I did not see when I first opened it last week. It was a letter with photos from Amy’s friends, our Cowgirls vs. Cancer scholarship recipient and guest blogger on her journey through breast cancer treatment (aka kicking cancer’s ass). It stopped me in my tracks, and made me forget all about my silly crappy day. Here’s what it said:

Dear Margaret,
On October 31st a group of 15 gathered at a hometown race to run for our friend Amy, your 2010 Cowgirls vs. Cancer Scholarship recipient. We asked for pledges in honor of Amy and the Scholarship Fund. We raised $2,725. We are proud and happy to send it to you to put toward the fund which Amy inspired.
Thank you for what you are doing for Amy and others like her that are on a similar journey. To know Amy is to love her. You will enjoy having her at Big Sky Yoga Retreats and Amy will enjoy being there. It is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Sincerely, Friends of Amy

I’m not saying we’re not entitled to our crappy days. But it’s things like this that remind me of how much we can do for each other, on crappy days or in true times of need. Thank you, friends of Amy, for your efforts and for the powerful reminder. Namaste.
Pictured: Amy and her friends – their pink shirts read, Running for Amy – Big Sky, Big Hope.