Pup report

Some of you perhaps are wondering how I am faring with the new puppy. While I must confess to often having the thought cross my mind that life was a little simpler pre-puppy, over the last couple of weeks we’ve settled into a pretty good routine. As I am all about the routine. But, Zuzu has brought a myriad of good things into our lives as well. Isn’t everything a tradeoff? Like a baby, a puppy only knows the present moment. It’s all about the here and now. As in NOW. So, nothing like an ongoing reminder to be present and live in the moment. Furthermore, she forces me to get outside for at least 3o minutes every day to go for a walk or run around and play frisbee. No matter what the weather. But there is simply no getting out of it. And really, it’s wonderful. I would probably just be sitting in front of the computer that 30 minutes vs. getting my daily dose of fresh air. Lastly, this sweet girl is teaching me patience. In those moments when I’ve questioned what the hell I was thinking getting a third dog, I’ve told myself that there must have been a reason this creature came into my life. Turns out we were meant to be together, because I need ongoing lessons in patience (not my forte). So, she appeared as my teacher. 

Today I was laughing out loud as Zuzu frolicked in the almost 12 inches of lovely pristine new snow we got last night. She was really living up to her sled dog half (she is half chinook – I had never heard of it either), as clearly she adores the snow. We plan to frolic in the snow tomorrow too – headed to Big Sky to ski. Here’s a picture of Zuzu today, along with the view from our house. Pretty tough not to be inspired every day by that – gotta love Montana.