Mini Yoga Fix Part II

I try to leave Sundays pretty open to being spontaneous. I’m not real comfortable with the concept of spontaneous; even when I don’t have things planned, my brain just cannot help itself from forming a plan (“after I get dressed, I can clean up the kitchen, then think about what to make for dinner, then have a coffee, then I’ll throw in a load of laundry, etc.”). So, typically on Sundays, if I make it to my mat, it’s without carving out a time for it or deciding what type of practice I’ll do in advance. Ooo boy, is this hard for me. And some Sundays I don’t get to my mat, and I make myself be ok with that. No guilt. I’m trying to finish Sundays without a feeling of accomplishment but rather a feeling of relaxation. Anyhow, I’ll get to the point. Today, husband took 3 year old and puppy outside to play. The house was quiet. I puttered around for a bit, went to the computer, decided I need to impose a Facebook moratorium upon myself, and wandered over to my yoga mat. And here is what happened, a lovely little practice (well, it felt good to me) that came in at under 45 minutes. Any Ashtangis out there may recognize most of the standing and finishing postures. Try it and let me know if you like it. All poses are held for 5 breaths unless otherwise noted. Once again, apologies for the Sanskrit/English blend, if you know me you know that’s how I teach too.

  • cat-cow, 5-10x
  • surya namaskar A, 3x
  • surya namaskar B, 2x
  • padangusthasana & padahastasana
  • triangle
  • revolved triangle
  • extended side angle
  • revolved side angle
  • prasarita padottanasana A, B, C, D
  • parsvottanasana
  • utthita hasta padangusthasana into ardha chandrasana
  • tree pose with leg in half lotus
  • vinyasa back to down dog
  • pigeon for 25 breaths each side
  • urdhva dhanurasana 3x
  • shoulder stand 25 breaths
  • plow 8 breaths
  • karna pidasana 8 breaths
  • pindasana 8 breaths
  • matsyasana 10 breaths
  • uttanapadasana 10 breaths
  • sirsasana 25 breaths
  • padmasana for 10-15 breaths
  • savasanaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Enjoy your Sunday. Namaste.