Yoga for Change on Chi

I get a lot of questions about how I ended up here. Not just in Montana, but on the particular yoga path I’ve traveled. So I recently wrote an article called Yoga for Change on the Athleta Chi to share my journey; it sure is fun to reflect back on it all, and anticipate what lies ahead. Yoga has been the giver of untold happiness in my life, no doubt. 
There’s that saying that the only constant is change. How we fight that sometimes. It’s a painful time of change for many right now, in the midst of the current economic crisis. A question to keep in mind is, what changes can unfold that may have a silver lining? Yoga can be a catalyst for this type of personal growth and change, and it can help you find stability during the tough times. I speak from my own experience with it. Let me know what you think, post your comments on the Chi.