Winter Wonderland Lotus debut

Last day to get the Winter Wonderland and Wellness retreat early bird discount of 10% off! To further entice you, a few words from interior designer Susie Hoffmann of Envi Design, who will be giving our how to zen your home workshop at WWW. Susie was my very first friend in Bozeman; we were introduced by a mutual friend from Yoga Works, for whom she designed a few spaces. And she is about to start working on my at-home yoga room – yippeeeee! We’ll be chronicling that zen-ing of my home right here, soon.

Susie says:
Every time I return home from a retreat, or even an inspired yoga class, I strive to recreate the experience in my own home. After all, one of my favorite benefits of yoga is that you can practice anywhere, any time; not just under the glorious Montana sky. However, when I do get to my house, I am often less than inspired to roll out my mat to return to the spiritual place from whence I have just returned. Perhaps it is the clutter of everyday life that prevents me from dedicating time for myself. The distractions of chores, work, children, (even pets!) cause me to leave my mat in the corner, a nagging reminder that I am NOT practicing yoga. As an interior designer with a background in spa and wellness design, I have developed a few simple ways to incorporate yoga into your home. During Winter Wonderland, we will review ways to create dedicated practice areas. We will also discuss methods to “spread the zen” throughout the whole home. As a special treat, the Winter Wonderland yoginis will be the first to see the furniture from my newly developed yoga furniture line: Lotus. These hand-crafted pieces provide storage options for yoga gear and double as altars for yoga practice. They are truly beautiful and I can’t wait to introduce them to the Winter Wonderland yoginis! See you there!