Winter Wonderland & Wellness Yoga Retreat

It’s been a bit wintery around here. Although it was unbelievably chilly in London (that whole humidity thing), we didn’t see much snow…so I forgot how gleeful it makes me to see the big white flakes falling. My 6 year old is getting reacquainted with it as well – it snowed all day Saturday, and she spent a big part of the day outside playing…after many hours of building forts, making snow angels, and moving snow around in her sled, she came in, took off all her gear, and marched over to bed for a power nap. What a fun way to wear yourself out. Makes me look forward to doing the same on skis soon.

Montana is truly a winter wonderland. You’ve got a guaranteed white Christmas, snow sports galore, and no, it’s really not that cold – so you can get out and enjoy playing in the snow (again, the humidity thing: the lack of it makes for a more comfortable winter, vs. a bone chilling humid one). I’m getting super excited about our Winter Wonderland & Wellness retreat in January, which is going to be all about playing in the snow, plus cozying up inside to learn how to stay healthy during the winter season. Here’s what we’ll be doing (deep breath): yoga – massage – cooking lesson and seasonal eating discussion – a tea-making workshop – cross-country ski lesson – snowshoeing – a how to zen your home workshop, including setting up an at-home yoga space. Whew! So no need to hibernate – make winter a season of wellness. We’ll show you how! Only 2 spots left on this retreat, and tomorrow November 15 is the last day to get the 10% off early bird discount!

We’re back at the astonishingly gorgeous Double T River Ranch for this retreat, which means yoga in the barn. Join us! I’d love to welcome you to Montana this winter. Namaste.