Yoga Bear

Looks like I’ve got some catch up blogging to do…I’m looking forward to writing more this fall as we wind down our busiest retreat season ever. We just had our annual Labor Day weekend Eat Pray Love Yoga retreat with a group of 15 amazing women. I wish we had had more time together – a weekend flies by and there is so much yoga, hiking, and sharing to do…

One of the highlights from the weekend was our yoga bear. When we arrived at the Big EZ Lodge on Friday, a young black bear was there too, roaming around and looking sad and lost. He appeared to have lost his mama, and was very interested in what was happening at the Lodge. He got up on one of the ladies’ lounge chairs and went for her glass of wine. He came up on the patio outside the kitchen and headed for any door that started to open, probably because everything smelled so good. He wandered by the yoga room during our first practice’s savasana, which I felt obligated to interrupt so everyone could see him. I know there are many people who end up getting hurt because bears can look deceptively cute, and this little guy was no exception – but the sentiment was pure joy at having him around us, and we were concerned for his future too. We had lots of quality bear watching, and proceeded with our outdoor morning meditation and yoga practice without much fear (and me on watch).

On the Native American medicine wheel, black bear medicine says to go within, just like a hibernating bear. The symbolism of the bear is connection to the earth. If a bear shows up in your life, the message is to turn inwards to find your own path to harmony with nature. Pretty timely advice for a group of women on a yoga retreat in the mountains.

I just found out that the bear was captured today in the humane trap set for him, with cantaloupe as bait. He is to be released in a remote area; although I’m sure this will make him happy, I’m guessing he may also miss the wine on the patio and the tantalizing smells coming from the Lodge kitchen. Namaste, yoga bear, and thank you for sharing our weekend.