Yoga Gifts

So it’s already December 8 and I haven’t blogged once from London. As you can imagine, I’ve been caught up in a vortex of the energy required to settle us in here, right before Christmas. And much to husband’s dismay, I’ve been a total girl about it all (read: too emotional). But more on that later, since today I am going to melt in a puddle of relief as we have managed to find a flat AND get my 5 year old into a school for January. So before I launch into the “American Cowgirl in London” episode of this blog, I felt the need to try and get in the holiday spirit, instead of curse December as being perhaps the worst time to flat-hunt in London. I also intend to get back on my yoga mat today, for longer than five minutes. Holiday spirit + yoga = warm fuzzies for me.

Do you have yogis on your holiday shopping list? Chances are, they don’t need another yoga mat…so help deepen their practice with everyone’s fave fallback gift – books and music. But wait! These aren’t just any yoga books and music. There’s a big selection out there, so I’ve narrowed it down to ones that I know work, because I’ve been on both the receiving and giving end. Check out my Yoga Gift Picks on the Athleta Chi. I’d love to hear your top picks for yoga books and music too, please post in the comments.
Here’s to much more yoga and holiday spirit this month! And to the gift of yoga, above all in its practice form. Namaste.