Beehive Basin: Hiking Happiness

About halfway to Beehive Basin

And suddenly, everyone is talking about the end of summer. I must admit that I love this kind of talk – for me, it’s like Advent before Christmas. Because fall is my absolute fave time of year.

Every Labor Day weekend, we transition from summer to fall with our Yoga and Hiking retreat in Big Sky. We just had the advanced version of this retreat last weekend, when we did 2 of these Three Spectacular Wilderness Hikes in Big Sky’s Backyard, Beehive and Bear Basin – and many of the hiking yoginis did Lava Lake on their own after.

Sharing some hiking happiness with these photos of Beehive Basin, the peak hike on our September 2-5 retreat. TrailblazerGirl just called it “a complete, restorative holiday to kick off the fall season” – and we wholeheartedly agree. Don’t be sad summer is coming to a close – celebrate the advent of fall in Montana.

Pink Indian paintbrush at 9,000 feet!
Beehive Basin