Fall in Montana: turning over a new leaf

Beehive Basin – Fall or Winter? September 4, 2016, believe it or not.

There is no other season change that is as inspiring as the one from summer to fall. It’s more profound than sweater weather and pumpkin lattes, promise. That chill in the air lights a fire under my behind. I think it’s more motivating than an actual New Year. I want to turn over a new leaf, and focus on the things that nourish my body and spirit. I feel more creative and less depleted (from, say, sweating my ass off).

I got my first taste of this spark on our annual Labor Day yoga and hiking retreat, when as we were hiking in the rain, it turned to snow. The big, magical fat flake kind of snow. YES, snow on Labor Day weekend in the mountains of Montana! (one of many reasons I love it here.) We giggled like little girls and caught snowflakes on our tongue. When we arrived at the top of our hike, Beehive Basin, everyone was silent. We were the only ones there, and it felt like we were inside a snow globe. On the official last weekend of summer. What a transformation from one season to the next, what a way to celebrate the change of seasons.

Fall morning at the Double T River Ranch
Cowgirl Yogatography at the Double T River Ranch

Within a few short weeks, my daughter has started 6th (!) grade, the days have gotten shorter and the mornings crisper, and it just snowed again in the mountains. My harbingers of autumn also include heading back to the amazing Double T River Ranch for more Cowgirl Yoga, photo fun with Cowgirl Yogatography, and elk everywhere and watching grizzly bears dig for roots on Yoga & Yellowstone. I’ll also head to wine country for our Yoga & Vineyard retreat, where we focus on mindfulness while feeling like we’re in a spread from Food & Wine. It’s like my back-to-school, and I love adding new touches to these old favorites. My “classroom” is inspired by change…and the turning over of many new leaves. It feels good, it feels fresh.

Happy Fall. I wish you a season of inspiration and creativity, even if you don’t like pumpkin. I confess I have some pumpkin chocolate chip bread in the oven.