So a series of events that culminated in having our internet and phone service shut down left me feeling frantic. Besides the obvious addiction to email from which I suffer, I’ve been pondering why being cut off made me feel so disconnected. And that’s exactly what it was – a big disconnect. Not only do I rely on the internet to run my business, I also use it to get my news, to communicate with clients, friends and family. I guess it’s no wonder I was so worked up. One could argue the value of savoring this time away from technology – as the woman from Qwest attempted to tell me on my tenth or so call within 24 hours to plead for reconnection asap – but I like to designate this time myself vs. having it thrust upon me by surprise. Nonetheless, a valuable lesson in letting go…that I can reflect upon with more equanimity now that I am reconnected!

I should have been wearing my Breathe shirt from Chewylou Designs…as a reminder to not hyperventilate over loss of internet. I’m wearing it in this picture from last weekend’s high altitude hike (and yes, that is a bag of chips in my hand, no guilt at 8,000 feet). 
The back of the shirt reads:
Chewylou’s founder Alyssa attended our yoga & hiking retreat last weekend, and I was the lucky recipient of a goodie bag of shirts with these valuable insights and reminders of how to live more fully. We know all this – it’s deep inside ourselves – but how cool to wear the reminder over our hearts? In stylish colors too. Thanks Alyssa, for the inspiring words to wear.