Spunky energy

The group from this past weekend’s yoga and hike retreat was a spunky one. It’s always fun for me to reflect on the group dynamics post-retreat, and the word ‘spunky’ keeps coming up…hopefully they are all ok with that. We had absolutely perfect fall weather the ENTIRE time – it is a rare thing for there to be any consistency with Montana weather for much more than a day, and I think the sunny skies and warmer temps help set the high energy mood. We flowed gracefully through strong yoga practices, and pretty much just cruised uphill on our Saturday hike to Beehive Basin (as shown in picture of determined hikers making the 3 mile ascent, gaining 1200 feet in the process). The mood never seemed to mellow much, even by 10 pm, with some of us sitting around the fire pit and soaking up the stars, listening for elk bugles.

I was honored to have someone here this weekend who is the reason Big Sky Yoga Retreats ever happened; it was the first time he was able to see it in action. He believed in me and encouraged me to pursue this dream, at a critical time when the idea could have quite simply ended up remaining just that. Sometimes people make strong connections that cannot really be explained, which is just further proof of the profound ways that yoga can benefit our lives. For me it always comes back to this simple fact: I’ve been extremely fortunate to connect with people I would have otherwise never met if it weren’t for yoga bringing us together. Thank you K for everything, including much that cannot be put into words. And thanks retreaters for the infusion of spunky energy!