My movie moment

Whoa, what a week! I am blissed out and beat up, in a very good way, after a rockin’ week of riding, yoga-ing, and lots of eating healthy and sustainably. To sum it up simply, we had so much fun. And I had a true movie moment during our day at the Cowgirl Yoga ranch, when we rode – oh baby did we ride! – and reveled in being surrounded by horses and mountains. When we arrived, we were short a horse, as there had been a lot of cow moving going on earlier that morning. So I stayed back and waited happily in the front porch swing for Rocky’s return. I watched the Cowgirl Yoginis way out on the ridge doing their first canters. About thirty minutes later, Rocky returned, and I ran to switch with his rider and catch up with everyone. He spotted them out there too, along with his herd buddies, and let out an excited neigh. As soon as I swung myself up into the saddle we headed their way at a brisk trot.

In my world, speed breeds fear, so my tendency is to hold the horses I ride back at the trot or canter before it all gets too carried away…this time, I did not. We were gloriously in synch with our movements, and once we crossed the creek, started to canter. The fields filled with purple wildflowers flew by. Rocky was as excited as I was to catch up with everyone, and he started to move faster. I still didn’t hold him back much, even though at one point I felt warm liquid on my reigning hand, which I briefly noted to self was likely blood (left riding gloves at the tack shed). Who the hell cares if you’re bleeding when you’re having a movie moment?! It was just Rocky and I moving together under the Big Sky, the sound of his hooves pounding the ground beneath us, the feeling of my heart pounding inside my chest, and WHOA there are very few other times when I have felt this completely alive. I am still on a high from this brief 15 minutes of my life that will be burned on my memory forever. This is the kind of experience I seek to share with my Cowgirl Yoginis, this is why I live here. Yeehaw & Namaste.

More of a CY recap coming tomorrow…