Why you should come with us to Italy

Ciao bellas! While you’re soaking up spring, we’ve come up with some really compelling reasons you should join us in Italy this fall. Join the amazing Caitlin and I on this yoga and wine-tasting Agriturismo adventure: Yoga & Vineyard Tuscany, October 13-19, 2019.

PLUS, we’re giving you $201.9 off if you #justbookit before May 15!  

Autumn in Tuscany? ! Why? Read on.

Caitlin’s 5 damn good reasons to come with us to Italy

Caitlin and fresh mozzarella 

1) Food. I’ve never eaten like I eat in Italy. Each place we visit feeds us food that you can FEEL is made with love and tradition with the freshest ingredients (veggies from the garden and cheese from the sheep outside…literally).

*Read Caitlin’s blog post Italy and the Healing Power of Food

2) Wine. I always bought cheap wine because I didn’t know (or care about) the difference in types, flavors, pairings. Italy taught me to TASTE my wine, to appreciate the years of effort and precision is takes to create one bottle, and to taste something different with each food that it is paired with.

4) Slow down. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a 3-4 hour lunch every day? Everything shuts down, people relax, have a glass of wine and a real lunch, not a sandwich at work while typing and talking on a conference call at the same time. Italians appreciate stopping, enjoying and relaxing, which is a beautiful shift from our multitasking culture.

Some distractions are worth it!

3) Italian Dogs. So far, I’ve met Luccio, Pepita, Dora and Luis. I’m hoping to add at least 10 canini to the list this year.

5) Travel easy. Every town in Italy is amazing, and you can get anywhere with efficient trains and transportation. During each trip, I try to visit at least 2 other Italian cities, they are all so unique and different, and I’ve never travelled more than a few hours by train to go to a completely new and beautiful place.

*We are happy to help you plan a pre or post retreat Italian adventure! 

Margaret’s 5 damn good reasons to come with us to Italy

We’ll tour and taste at Brolio Castle, where Chianti was born.

1) History. I mean, we visit the castle where Chianti was INVENTED, and learn the real story behind this delicious blend. Every where you turn, you are surrounded by history in Italy. Thousands of years of it, from the Renaissance and all the way back to the Romans.

It deepens your appreciation of what history really is – something that I think every American should experience. It always amazes me how many Italians live their daily lives passing by ancient ruins and places where major history was made, or even live in buildings that have existed for centuries. The layers of history run so deep.

2) Fashion. The Italians simply wear it well. Not only is there history everywhere, you are surrounded by style. When I studied abroad in Florence during college, I may have put more hours into studying how Italian women dressed and trying to pass for one than I did studying art history.

Here are some great tips from travel guru Conde Nast, in How to Dress like an Italian Woman. 

3) Italian. It will lull you to daydream, make you feel passionate about life, inspire you to become multilingual. You could sit and listen to it for hours, cappuccino in hand. If you speak it, even just a word – arrrrrrrriiiiiiivvvvvveeeederciiiii – it feels like a luscious, full bodied Chianti in your mouth.

No other language on earth is as delicious. And guess what? We’re partnering with Italian in Your Pocket to make it fun n’ easy to kick start or brush up on your Italian. (I’m doing it, too!) 

Our Italian dining room.

4) Art. 2 words: THE. ART. People come from all over the world for the art. Serious art students study the art. The country is dripping in art, food, wine, history and fabulously dressed Italians. Perché no? Why wouldn’t anyone want this!?

And you can have it all: we will sip wine and mangia in a room hundreds of years old with art on the walls, with at least a few well-dressed Italians. Including our chef and villa owner Giada, who makes cooking look fabulously glamourous.

5) The…Yoga? , il yoga. Because after this retreat, you can say that you did yoga in the garden of an Italian villa. And under a ceiling more than 400 years old. With a cappuccino or a glass of Chianti waiting for you post practice.

Even yoga is better in Italy. La vita è bella!

Bonus reason from both of us: Gelato. Enough said. 

What are you waiting for? Yoga, wine, pasta, pizza, butter soft Italian leather, and cappuccino all await you.

Namaste and Cheers!

Margaret & Caitlin