Yoga. Horses. Art… AND Creativity! Who’s in?

Calling all wanna-be artsy cowgirl yoginis! On our June 11-14 LUXE Cowgirl Yoga & Creativity retreat, you’ll cowgirl up to explore the wilds of Montana, try your hand at rodeo roping (lesson included!), enjoy daily invigorating yoga practices, spark your creativity with pottery lessons and sketching, take a cooking lesson, and connect the dots between yoga, horses and your own creative expression.

Cultivate your creative streak at the wide open landscape of Grey Cliffs Ranch. If you miss art class and love yoga and horses, this one’s for you. Our lovely Caitlin will be leading this retreat, and here’s what she has to say about it: 

There’s something magical about sitting down with a coloring book, doodling and writing in a journal, working a block of clay, making jewelry, and connecting with horses that reawakens creativity that often seems dormant in our everyday lives. 

Creative activities tend to take us back to our childhood in the best possible ways. In fact, we love it so much that we created an entire retreat for exactly that — and sprinkled in yoga and horses, of course! LUXE Cowgirl Yoga & Creativity gives you permission to put all that “adulting” on hold and allow yourself a few days where there is nowhere you have to be, and nothing you have to do, except focus on YOU and cultivate your creative streak. 

On this retreat, we’ll create mala necklaces out of sandalwood and semi-precious stones. Think of it as a super fancy version of making friendship bracelets as a child. Malas are used as tools for meditation, but I believe creating something that looks beautiful makes it even more meaningful. I’ll teach you how to string your mala, what different stones mean, and how to use a mala for meditation. 

Vision boards help you get in touch with your dreams

We’ll also be creating vision boards. A vision board allows you to creatively put dreams on paper that you would like to bring into your life and set goals for the future. We’ll provide magazines so you can cut out photos and words to add to your board. You can also draw, doodle or write! 

There will be free time to journal, draw, and write during the weekend.

I love looking back at old notebooks to see what I experienced during certain times in my life. I have found that during retreats, when we are more connected to our bodies, to the other women around us, and to the horses, creativity flows more freely.

sketching horses
Horses are inspiration in physical form

Simply put: this retreat is the perfect chance to unplug and get crafty. (We’re even doing a pottery lesson!) 

Try your hand at pottery!

If you’re looking for the opportunity to disconnect, unwind and express yourself creatively with no rules, all while being surrounded by inspiring women, this retreat is for you.

With beautiful horses, delicious nourishing meals, and plenty of yin and restorative yoga, we promise you’ll fill your cup with well-being and fresh inspiration.

Hope to meet you in Montana this June 11-14, 2020!

Yeehaw & Namaste, Caitlin